Friday, August 19, 2011

The stars at night-are big and bright

1 year ago today, I arrived in Texas for the 3d time in my life.  I flew into Love Field and was picked up at the airport by my high school friend Shan.

Unlike the other times I had been to Texas; once when I was 8 my dad drove the entire family from Providence, RI to Guatemala.  Then in May 2010 I visited the North Dallas area again to interview for a job.  I landed the job, a great career move for me, but I would have to move 1800 miles from everything I have ever known.  I was coming to Dallas, TX to stay.

I would be leaving behind my parents, my brothers, my cousins, my social network (no KB or Jess or CJ), my sorority sisters in my grad chapter, my pham in general.  My entire network that has spread out mostly through the northeastern part of the country.  But most importantly I would be leaving my girls.
Maya and Jasmine wearing an outfit I brought back from Vietnam

The GuateRicans, my 8 and 9 year old nieces that I love dearly, that I helped to raise, the very ones that received a post card from every place I have ever been.  My Jas and Maya.  They're the ones I miss the most.  Even now a year later, though I have been home and visited 5 times since moving to Texas, it is still  hardest to say good bye to Maya, we both cry when we hug each other goodbye, it reminds me of when she was little and I would have to sneak out of her house to go home.  Even though I assure her that I will  be back to visit soon, it breaks my heart each time.  I miss Alex too, my little boyfriend, but our relationship is quite different than that of Jasmine and Maya.
with Alex at New England Patriot Training Day 2010

Those girls did everything with me from the time Maya was 9 months old, we traveled together, made road trips to Maryland and NY they spent a lot of time with me.  Those that didnt know me well, assumed that the girls were my children.

The move to Texas so far has been a blessing.  I have been fortunate that I had a couple of friends that already lived in this area, and thanks to my "network" have made friends through some people I know from back home.  After my arrival here the blessings have continued, from my job promotion and raise within 15 days of my arrival, to my acquiring a new car, and even finding a cool and compatible room mate.  This move truly has been a great thing.

Since moving to Texas I have done some traveling.  I have also taken in some of the Texas scenes and sights.  I have seen Daley Plaza, been to the Rodeo, been to a Maverick's game (prior to their championship), been to a concert, been to a mega church, driven to another major city without leaving the state, driven to New Orleans, and even driven the 1800 miles back to RI.  I can assure you I miss my little Rhody.  I miss hanging out with KB and Jess, I miss watching my Patriots with little effort.  I miss waterfire, the smell of the ocean, the proximity of things, the 3 hour drive to chill with CJ in New York, and I even miss winter.  Though I will take this Texas heat over the Hazy, Hot, and Humid RI summers any day even if it is for a 50 day stretch as we have experienced this summer, it hasn't rained here since May.

Texas truly is a whole new world, and for now it is the capital of my world, it is my new home.  I look forward to continue exploring it and will continue to post of my adventures no matter how boring they may be, I hope you continue to read.

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