Friday, September 4, 2009

"What time is it? No really."

Its 0400, (that’s 4:00am) and I have just lost another hour, as in we moved the clocks forward another hour again.

Let’s recap shall we.

En Route from Norfolk to Nova Scotia, we moved the clocks forward an hour (-1). Then our 2nd day at sea en route to Spain from Nova Scotia we lost an hour (-2) and so it happened again for two more consecutive nights (-4) then last night we lost an hour (-5) and tonight again we lost yet another hour (-6). This loosing time made me ponder two things, one of which was.

Where does it go?

I mean I have advanced 6 hours but have not aged during that time so can I claim those hours later in life?

The second thought I had was that I would‘ve rather lost the cumulative at once than to lose one hour here and there over the course of 7 days. It may not seem like a big deal and you may think your body gets used to it but I can attest that is not the case. I am TIRED!!! As you can imagine my internal clock is totally screwed up, which is why I am writing this at 4am (well that and in part it was really the only time where it was quiet enough and I could get such work done). But it really made me wonder where will this time go?

During a staff meeting recently, it may have been today but I can’t remember because around here time really flies, we received a grid outlining the exact dates that we will be moving forward an hour over the course of the next 101 days. It was only after looking at that did it occur to me that I will get all this time back on November 28, 2009; for that is the day we cross the International Date Line and actually have 2 (as in quantity) November 28, 2009, yeah cool I know! I am really excited for that. So on my second November 28, 2009, I won’t only claim my lost 12 or so hours but reclaim hours I have lost in the past, though I still think I will end up losing.

With that I think it’s time to go to sleep at least for 3 hours or so. Time is of the essence…



  1. This is so important because you can't even BUY time... I'm glad you're getting it back. Just try not to do the same things on your repeat day. Remember the movie, "Groundhog Day" LOL

  2. I wish your occupation said "I'm on a boat" lol...miss ya, luv reading the updates

  3. Tiiiiime is on my side. Yes it is. Sleep tight.