Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We'll always have Marrakech"

The new day brought us back to Marrakech, another 9 hour trek back through the winding Atlas mountain roads, no less majestic than the day before but a little less interesting because of our previous day’s adventure.  I dozed in and out of sleep throughout barely waking for the CafĂ© stop and lunch stop.  We arrived at our hotel in Marrakech; I made a b line for the hot shower that I dreamt of on my bus ride.  The lukewarm water did not put a damper in my joy, I was so happy to take a shower and wash the desert and bus off.  After the shower I met up with three other colleagues and we ventured into Marrakech for dinner. 

We found this restaurant which looked rather plain on the outside but inside looked like the Garden of Babylon.  It was beautiful.  We had a wonderful dinner and enjoyed the local red wine.  We talked and shared of our Camel trek experience, and it was wonderful.  This was just the best way to end an adventure.  After another great Moroccan dinner and some more of the best tea I have ever had.  We headed back to our hotel, intoxicated by our experience in Marrakech.

The next day brought us to the market place and another souk adventure.  ED and walked throughout speaking only Spanish so the shop keepers would not try to charge us American prices.  We purchased postcards and took pictures.  It was just so laid back and fun.  Though many other of our SAS participants did not have as great experience as we did, we thoroughly enjoyed it.  Some of the participants told stories of the snake charmers throwing the snakes on to them and not taking them off until the participant paid, others had henna painted on them almost by force, and had monkeys put on them as well.  You may be asking how someone can put a snake or a monkey on you.  Don’t ask me, because I did not get close enough to find out, I did experience some of the aggressive nature of the snake charmers when I took a picture of one of them from way far off, he quickly noticed and came over asking me for money in exchange for the picture.  I quickly denied it and walked away.  The market was just great otherwise.  Around 1100 we boarded our buses and headed back to the hotel to pick up the rest of our group and head back to Casablanca.  The 3 hour ride was uneventful and I was quite pleased to see our ship in the port, we were home.  It’s so strange to say that the ship is home, but after being away and experiencing all that in 3 days, seeing the MV was refreshing.  I boarded and refreshed myself before dinner.  Ah! What a good day.

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