Monday, April 20, 2015

Snacks? Check

Every good road trip has snacks.  Not just snacks though but snacks you enjoy and snacks a plenty.

When I was a kid this concept did not exist and neither did stopping at Burger King or McDonalds or any other popular fast food restaurant.  My parent's ideas of snacks was sandwiches made at home that were not anywhere near our favorite.  Example Liverwurst (the poor man's pate), egg salad, tuna fish.  Today I actually enjoy any of these options but as a kid THEY WERE THE WORST!!!!!

So I asked the kids to make a list of snacks and beverages they enjoy so that we could ensure they have what they need for the almost 2000 round trip excursion we would be taking.  

I pretty much got all their food stuff on these lists and then when we picked up Isabel she also had 3 bags of food.

So if you see us on the road and need a snack.  We got you

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